• Large Sushi and Sashimi Large Sushi & Sashimi
  • Large Combo Sushi Large Combo Sushi
  • Hoomiko Sushi Roll Hoomiko Roll
  • Entree Harumaki Harumaki
  • Grilled Salmon Sushi Grilled Salmon Sushi
  • Medium Tempura Medium Tempura

About Hoomiko Sushi

Licensed Japanese Restaurant Sydney - No BYO

Hoomiko Sushi is a small Japanese restaurant located in Sydney's Shire, Sutherland. It is best known for serving the locals with fresh Japanese sushi, sashimi and classic dishes. A great restaurant for local families and friends to get together and enjoy Japanese cuisine.

Our produce is brought daily from the Sydney Fish Markets to ensure fresh and high quality Japanese dining.


(02) 9520 2535
1 Preston Avenue, Engadine 2233 Sydney

Call us to book a table or place a pickup order.

Opening Hours

Tuesday - Saturday: 11.00AM - 9.30PM
Sunday: 4.30PM - 9.30PM
Monday: Closed